Developing Age-Inclusive Telehealth Technologies for Hospital-level Care at Home

Case study highlighting how Medically Home’s technology and operational support are assisting health systems in delivering hospital-level care at home while addressing the unique needs of older adults.

Guided Oral Hygiene: A Virtual Intervention to Improve Oral Health

Manuscript detailing how to create a workforce model that can be effective in improving oral health of adults 69 to 100 who live in a long-term care facility.

A systematic review of digital health technologies for the care of older adults during COVID-19 pandemic.

A review showing evidence on use of digital health technology with older adults during COVID-19 pandemic.

Telehealth for the cognitively impaired older adult and their caregivers: lessons from a coordinated approach

A paper discussing the findings from the CCARRE program whose aim is to provide care for older adults with cognitive impairment in New York City.

Doctoring from home: Physicians’ perspectives on the advantages of remote care delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic

A qualitative study aimed to explore the benefits of telehealth for primary care physicians and their patients through semi-structured interviews.

Targeted Telehealth Education Increases Interest in Using Telehealth Among a Diverse Group of Low-Income Adults

This study aimed to increase telehealth usage among vulnerable, low-income, minority older adults by providing education on telehealth and addressing its barriers.

Telehealth in long-term care facilities during COVID-19 pandemic – lessons learned from patients, physcians, nurses, and healthcare workers

A commentary focused on the lessons and perspectives learned during the Covid-19 pandemic regarding telehealth utilization in LTCF.

Impact of Advance Care Planning on the Hospitalization-Associated Utilization and Cost of Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Disorders Receiving Primary Care via Telehealth in a Provider Shortage Area: A Quantitative Pre-Study

A study measuring telehealth’s impact in facilitating advance care planning (ACP) discussions for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease-related disorders as an alternative to in-person primary care visits.

Senior Navigator: Central Virginia’s Guide for Aging Well and Caregiving 2023

A joint project of The Lindsay Institute for Innovations in Caregiving, VirginiaNavigator and The Daily Progress, the 2023 edition of Senior Navigator features insights and advice from thought leaders in aging and caregiving. Includes valuable insights on the use of telehealth in the care of older adults.

Telehealth Trials to Address Health Equity in Stroke Survivors

Research outlining possibilities for chronic care management of stroke survivors using telehealth, focusing on populations with adverse social determinants of health.

Teleheath Provider tool: Working with patients who are hearing and/ or vision impaired

Guidance of best practices to assist in hosting telemedicine visit for patients who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or DeadBlind.

Isolating together during COVID-19: Results from the Telehealth Intervention Program for older adults.

Research article highlights the challenge of isolation of older adults in the community especially during COVID-19, and how TIP-OA (Telehealth Intervention Program for Older Adults) is able to combat the challenge of isolation. This program is volunteer-based and includes friendly telephone conversations on a regular bases to older adults who may struggle with stress, depression, anxiety or fear of COVID-19.