Developing Age-Inclusive Telehealth Technologies for Hospital-level Care at Home

Case study highlighting how Medically Home’s technology and operational support are assisting health systems in delivering hospital-level care at home while addressing the unique needs of older adults.

A systematic review of digital health technologies for the care of older adults during COVID-19 pandemic.

A review showing evidence on use of digital health technology with older adults during COVID-19 pandemic.

Connecting Care Through Telehealth for Long Term Services and Supports

Online course from NRTRC for clinicians and caregivers informing best practices for coordinating telehealth care in LTSS settings.

Enhancing Telehealth Competency: Development and evaluation of education models for older adults

The study aimed to improve telehealth accessibility for older adults by developing and evaluating telehealth education modules.

National Expansion of Sleep Telemedicine for Veterans: The TeleSleep Program

This study aims to investigate the prevalence and comorbidity of sleep disorders among United States military personnel and veterans, as well as the status of sleep care services at VHA facilities.

Teleheath Provider tool: Working with patients who are hearing and/ or vision impaired

Guidance of best practices to assist in hosting telemedicine visit for patients who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or DeadBlind.

Telehealth Provider tool: American Sign Language Interpreters in Telehealth Appointments

Manuscript informing providers what they need to know when an interpreter is involved during an apporintment.

Telehealth Provider tool: How to talk on the phone or video call to a person who is hard of hearing.

Hard of Hearing fact sheet for providers in order to help ensure a successful telehealth call with someone Hard of Hearing

ActiveHip+: A feasible mHealth system for the recovery of older adults after hip surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A study testing the feasiility of ActiveHip+ mHealth tool to aid older afults post hip surgery.

Virtual geriatric clinics and the COVID-19 catalyst: a rapid review

Rapid review analyzing satisfaction, clinical benefit, and challenges with virtual geriatric clinics initiated by COVID-19.

Telemedicine for Older Adult Nursing Home Residents to Avoid Emergency Department Visits: The Experience of the NHTeleED Project in Maryland

Case study regarding using telemedicine to reduce ED visits among older adult nursing facility residents.

The Collaborative for Telehealth and Aging: Principles and Guidelines for Providing Telehealth to Older Adults

Principles and guidelines that create a roadmap for providers and health systems to take actionable steps to meet the needs of older adults.