Telemedicine From Arkansas To Geisinger Health, A Healthcare Journey W/ David Fletcher

Discussion with David Fletcher who shares insights on the transformative potential of telemedicine in bridging healthcare gaps, and how Geisinger harnessed telehealth to navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Innovative Technology Solutions for Healthy Aging

Webinar exploring tools of what can be considered to be the best practices in technology innovations.

The Geriatric 5M Approach to Telemedicine Assessment: A Podcast with Lauren Moo

Behavioral neurologist Lauren Moo walks listeners through the geriatric 5M framework and its application to the medium of telemedicine.

Telehealth for Older Adults: Principles, Guidelines and Lessons Learned

Webinar describing a framework that healthcare organizations can use to develop and enhance telemedicine for older adults.

FQHC Telehealth Best Practices: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic Session 1

FQHC stakeholders illustrate their approaches for achieving telehealth access equity and effectively engaging patients.

Post-Acute Care and Long Term Care Facility Pandemic Response Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Webinar addressing best practices for preventing COVID-19 in post-acute and LTC facilities utilizing telehealth services and technologies.