The Collaborative for Telehealth and Aging: Principles and Guidelines for Providing Telehealth to Older Adults

Principles and guidelines that create a roadmap for providers and health systems to take actionable steps to meet the needs of older adults.

Readiness Assessment Questionnaire

Questionnaire assessing an organization’s readiness for implementation of a telehealth program.

20 Questions to Ask a Telehealth Provider

Fact sheet for administrators to use when considering implementing a service from a telehealth provider.

Telehealth Implementation Timeline

Fact sheet for administrators outlining timeline for telehealth program development, training, and implementation.

Telehealth Compliance Checklist

Checklist for patients, providers, and administrators to facilitate telehealth compliance.

Needs Assessment Questionnaire

Fact sheet with needs assessment of different stakeholders in telehealth implementation, including patients, caregivers, providers, and organizations.

PACE Telehealth Playbook

Guide for providers and administrators to use for implementation of telehealth at programs for all-inclusive care of older adults.