CE4TA Webinar Series

The CE4TA webinar series offers an opportunity to gain valuable insights from subject matter experts who are leading the adoption of age-inclusive telehealth practices. This series currently features two informative webinars covering the following topics:

  • Creating Access to Care in Rural America

  • Hospital at Home in the Post-Pandemic Era

Creating Access to Care in Rural America

In this webinar, Rebecca Harless, Vice President of CAMC Greenbrier Valley Medical Center in West Virginia, presented strategies for establishing telemedicine hubs to ensure access to care in rural communities. The session also featured a panel discussion with experts in telehealth, geriatric care, and rural health, offering valuable insights to improve healthcare delivery in these critical areas.

Hospital at Home in a Post Pandemic Era

In this webinar, Dr. Linda DeCherrie, Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Implementation at Medically Home, provided an in-depth overview of the Hospital at Home (HAH) model, highlighting the key role it plays in delivering safe, effective, and patient-centered care to older adults. The session featured a panel discussion with Dr. Bruce Leff (Johns Hopkins) and Rani Snyder (John A. Hartford Foundation), who shared strategies for improving healthcare accessibility and tailoring care to address the unique needs of older adults.

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